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12 months eco-friendly challenge - March

Welcome March!!!♻️💚

I challenged myself for the next 12 months to bring simple eco friendly ideas to help you (and me) to be more sustainable on our daily life.

This month I swapped my non eco friendly dishwashing kit for those eco friendly ones. (Before I used to use normal kitchen sponge and a - plastic- liquid dishwashing soap container, which I used to buy pretty often).

•The Scrub: This unique scrub pad is made from natural coconut fibers bound together by a non-toxic adhesive. Will not scratch non-stick and delicate surfaces and will stay fresh and effective for months.

• The dishwashing soap: Made using powerful organic Soapberries and pure Lemon Myrtle essential oil, these chunky multi-pupose soap blocks can replace liquid dishwashing detergent, hand soap, and general cleaning soap in the kitchen and household, even in the outdoors. Vegan friendly and palm oil free, made from plants and plastic free.

You can find both at @biomestores

A small change can make a huge impact on our environment. 🌎

You can also share your eco friendly ideas / goals with us on #gfecochallenge#gfecochallengemarch

Let’s do this 💪🏼♻️💛




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