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Reggie De Santis


  • Marine - Wildlife Biologist

  • Animal Trainer

  • Oceanographer

  • Environmental Manager

  • Wed Designer

  • Website Developer 


Working Experience

Hi, I'm Reggie! And now I'll tell a bit more about myself...

Since I was a kid, I've always loved animals and I've always been passionate about the sea. When I was in high school, I started to research what I was going to study at the Uni and I ended up choosing  Biology. I have Bachelor degree in Biological Science (2010). And after that I graduated in Oceanography (2012).

My first work experience was as an animal keeper at the Sao Paulo Aquarium (Brazil- 2009), where I was able to work with different animals, such as terrestrial and marine mammals, birds, amphibians, fish, reptiles At the Aquarium I was the coordinator of the penguin sector and responsible for following animal enclosures as: the baby lesser anteater, the Amazonian manatee, the toucans, the monkeys, and the flying foxes. 

But my passion has always been sea turtles, so in 2010 I went to work at the Projeto Tamar (Brazil) where I spent many years working with environmental projects, handling sea turtles, supporting the visitor centre and involved in research on sea turtles. Also with turtles I was able to visit other places and projects in Brazil, such as the Instituto Biota and Tartarugas Urbanas.

During these years I've always sought to improve my skills and have always taken courses related to animals. Along the way, I also took other courses such as graphic design and website developer, to create my own business in future.

In 2016 I moved to Australia, where I started volunteering at SeaBird Rescue in Ballina, working with sea birds and injured sea turtles. After that, I started other volunteers who brought me a lot more experiences. In 2017 I started at Humpbacks and High Rises, where I did whale research, photo id, and after awhile I was responsible for the social media and graphic design content, where I helped to organize some events (like the first whale festival on the Gold Coast in 2019), and was able to be part of the first Whale Conference in Hervey Bay. Well,  2019 was a great year, and I finish the year winning the best campaign award from Humpbacks and High-Rises (where I volunteered for almost 4 years).

Also in 2019 I volunteered at the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center where I spent time taking care of the project's turtles.

In 2020 I started a volunteer at Wildcare Australia, where I did wild animal rescue training. I also helped (as a Mindroom Innovation student) the creation of a new website (and  educational content) for BATS QLD.
Currently I'm being part of Turtle Watch on the Gold Coast, along with Watergum and Sea World, to assist the turtle nests around the coast. 

Still in 2020, was when I started my own project, the Global Fauna, where I can finally spread my knowledge throughout this world with environmental education and also providing animal welfare services.
Well, I'm the kind of mystical/spiritual type of person, so I truly believe in the power of energy, specially the Earth and Universe energy.  I love crystals and healing methods so I've been studying Reiki and Crystal healing for animals, as a natural resource to apply those therapy techniques in injured or traumatizes animals, and along with that, giving some environmental enrichment ideas to make captivity life better.

I'm putting all my love and every through it,  doing anything I can for animal welfare, which is my passion. 

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